Travel Form

All Men Going to the MROP NEED to fill the travel information ONLINE. This includes Initiates, Initiators, RIM, & Staff.

Registration at Camp: 1-4pm
Wednesday, April 10, 2024.

The MROP begins at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, April 10, 2024, and concludes by 1:00 pm on Sunday, April 14, 2024.

Do not arrive at the Camp before 12:00 noon. Have lunch BEFORE you arrive dinner will be the only meal provided the first day.

It is absolutely necessary to attend the entire Initiation Rite, from the opening on Wednesday through the final ending session on Sunday.  You may NOT come late or leave early, except for absolute emergencies.

If you are driving, DO NOT arrive at the Camp before 12:00 noon Wednesday, April 10. Have lunch BEFORE you arrive dinner will be the only meal provided the first day. You are encouraged to carpool with other men from your area. Carpooling will be an opportunity to get to know the men going through the MROP with you. It is a great time to share the time and cost of travel.


We encourage you to fly into Redding or Sacramento CA, as they are the closest airports to the Camp. However, you may choose another airport to fly into that has better fares.  We will assist you in any way we can but can offer no guarantees about pickup or carpooling until we receive your travel information submitted on this form.

Location:     Redding Airport (commute time approx. 45 minutes)

Arrival Time:   Redding, 12:30 pm or before

Curbside Pickup:   You will be picked up at the curb in front of the baggage area.

Arrive at Camp:  You will be carpooling to and from the airport, and it is important that you know the cell phone number of the person you are riding with, and the driver knows your cell phone. Travel Coordinator, he can be reached at the following: Email:

Return Flights:
You will be returning to the airport you flew into leaving the Camp around 3:30pm. You should book your return flights accordingly giving, you enough time to check-in and get to your gate. The suggestion is to have your flight departure for:

Sunday,     April 14th
Redding:   Any Flight after 5:30 pm (preferably after 6:00 pm)

If you fly in before April 10th or fly out after April 14th and want help arranging accommodations, you need to contact the travel coordinator at:

The Download button below "MROP Information" includes travel form, directions to camp, and what to bring. It is recommended that you download this pdf and go over it before filling out the travel form below.