Online Community Group


This is the Online Community Group for Illuman NorCal. We hope to offer a way of connecting to brothers who have been through the MROP, Soularize, FIRMing, and/or are on the Spiritual Journey.

There are many options you can have in our community:

  • Event Calendar with notification
  • Local group development
  • Virtual Groups
  • Workshops
  • Latest News about Illuman NorCal and Illuman
  • Stay connected.

To join the Illuman NorCal Group, please fill out the form below. Your information is NOT shared outside the Illuman NorCal/Illuman Organization. By filling out this form you are consenting to be part of this community.

  • Have you attended an MROP?
  • Where did you attend your MROP?
  • What year did you attend the MROP
  • Please check the following that you are participating in or would like to explore further.
  • Have any comments or questions?