Illuman NorCal Leadership Retreat


I'm thrilled to report that 8 members of our NorCal leadership team gathered in-person for a retreat at EverGreen Ranch.  This annual gathering had been held virtually the past two years due to Covid.  This was also our first leadership retreat on the land at EverGreen Ranch in Oak Run California.

Our leadership conversations focused on leadership roles and planning for the October MROP.  Highlights included:

  • Rotation of our Convener role.  We now implement a 3-person progression in the role of Convener - Convener Elect, Convener and Convener Emeritus.  A man entering the progression commits to serving for 3 years and assuming each of these roles for 1 year.  Raymond Dougherty moved into the Convener Emeritus role for the next year, Joseph Gabaeff is now serving as our Convener and David Hecht was nominated and elected to the leadership council as well as serving as Convener Elect.  Rich Gierak stepped out of the Convener rotation after serving for 4 years.
  • The care and restoration of EverGreen Ranch has been ongoing with many work-party weekends (watch our monthly newsletter for opportunities to participate) and much progress has been made.  The land welcomed us during our retreat as we camped, dined and walked the property.  Our MROP planning team is ramping up and we're accepting applications here on the website.